Thank you for your interest in conducting investigator initiated research at Carle. The Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute (SFCRI) administers Carle's research resources and oversees its research activities. Please complete this form to help us better understand how we might assist you. The SFCRI will review your submission and provide feedback regarding the availability of resources and the operational feasibility of conducting research-related clinical activities. The review will include (but is not limited to) the following topics:

  • To what degree is there engagement and collaboration with a Carle clinician?
  • What is the availability of the target patient population and the sample size needed?
  • What will be the specific impact on patient care?
  • On what time frame can direct clinical impact be expected?
  • How will the study be funded and are the needed resources in place?
  • Can the project be implemented in the existing clinical space?
  • What is the scientific merit of the study?
  • If this is for a grant submission, when is it due? (We typically need 3 months.)


  • This is not a Carle IRB form nor a submission to Carle IRB. You may be directed here by Carle or the University of Illinois IRB offices to initiate a request for Carle research services.
  • Please mention in this form if you are requesting assistance to identify a Carle collaborator.
  • If this is a Carle resident or nursing project, please complete the appropriate form: Resident Project Intake Form or Nurse Project Intake Form.
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