Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute (SFRCI) staff welcomes the opportunity to facilitate investigator initiated research project activities. Please answer the questions below to help us understand how we can be of assistance. After you complete this form, a member of the SFCRI staff will contact you to determine next steps.

Please note the following:

  • This is not a Carle IRB form nor a submission to Carle IRB. Carle and the University of Illinois IRB offices may direct you here to request services from SFCRI before a protocol is submitted to either IRB.
  • It is recommended that all projects have a Carle clinical collaborator. If you are not a Carle clinician or employee, we can assist in identifying a collaborator to help ensure the success of your efforts.
  • If this is a Carle resident or nursing project, please complete the appropriate form: Resident Project Intake Form or Nursing EBP and Research Intake Form
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